Why Cook Island Holiday Must Be On Your Bucket List

Cook Island is considered to be an island country located in the South Pacific, very close to New Zealand. It is composed of fifteen islands and the locals are considered to be New Zealand citizens, though they also have a status called Cook Islands Nationals which is only given to them and not to the locals of the New Zealand. Among the fifteen islands, the main island is the Rarotonga where the international airport is. There are many reasons why Cook Island Holiday must be on your bucket list as enumerated below; 


If you think vacationing at Cook Island is expensive, then think again. The accommodations are as varied as it can be. There are five star hotels, hostels, luxury villas, apartment style accommodations to suit everyone’s budget. The various choices of accommodations will ensure that you are going to have an awesome Cook Island Holiday adventure. But what you will find unique at Cook Island is the lack of tall infrastructure hotels. This is avoided in order not to block the beautiful views of nature. All buildings at Cook island is no taller than a coconut tree.

Cook Island Holiday Tours

Be it on the ground or deep down the ocean, you will find something very interesting to make your trip filled with adventures and relaxing activities while you are on Cook Island Holiday vacation. You can go snorkeling or scuba diving and see the rainbows of colors courtesy of the various fishes and corals. You can join the Aitutaki day tour as this is considered to be one of the most beautiful lagoons. Go try lagoon fishing for few hours at Attu lagoon so you can catch your meal for the day. For ground activities, try the Coconut quad adventure where you will drive a four wheel quad along the rocky and muddy terrains, You will pass through streams and the remote areas when you decide to join this tour while you are on Cook Island Holiday adventure.  

Food tripping

Sample the great tasting seafood food choices at Cook Island. The foods served are all fresh and prepared carefully by renowned chefs.  

Book with us your Cook Island Holiday and we promise that you are going to have a fabulous vacation of your life. We will prepare everything for you, from the accommodations to the day tours that you wish to join.