What to Remember When Building Gates

If you have a fence, it is only appropriate that you put a gate to it as well. In fact, it is an important part of the fence. Without a gate, your beautiful wooden fence would feel incomplete. It is necessary that you look for a professional who can the installation property. The right professional can be really spot on when it comes to measuring your fence and installing it into your perimeter.

To install the fence gate, you have to set the opening first. Establish where it is so that you will know where the gate should be installed. By deciding on where and measuring the gate beforehand, you won’t come to a situation where you find the gate too small or too large then. In addition to that, you will know exactly how much materials you will need for the installation too.

Speaking of materials, it is important that you get the right one to build the wooden fence gate. A good recommendation for that is to create a checklist. The checklist should contain the tools as well as fencing materials necessary for building the gate. Some of the important tools that you have to include in this checklist are power drill, screwdriver, compound miter saw, jigsaw, deck screws, hinges, carpenter’s lever, lock, and the likes.


The fence gates should be installed with the best boards. Remember that this is the focal point of your house’s exterior. If you are building a gate, it should be made of the best pieces of wood – ones that are the sturdiest and the cleanest. This will be the entrance way to your property too. It should be aesthetically pleasant.

Do not forget to double nail the boards. As time passes by, the boards will shift naturally for the purpose of maintaining their shape. If you do not want the boards to shift out of place, it is only a given that you double-nail it. Double-nailing the fence gates, though it may take you some extra time and extra nails, it can really make a big difference to the final installation result.

You can keep the wooden fence gates together when you build it with the best brace you can. There are many frames that you should be able to take advantage of for that. The brace or frame can act as reinforcement which is effective in maintaining the form of the gate. Especially when you install the gate in high traffic areas, you need to ensure that you have a stronger reinforcement for it.

Check up on the gate latch. Try to avoid using the traditional door hardware when it comes to installing a latch to your gate. The door hardware is really different from a gate hardware. The gate latch is made with outdoor use in mind.

Make sure that the hinges are aligned really carefully. A failure in this part can get your gate to bind and creak when you open or close them. That would be really annoying and problematic in the future. You don’t want that.