Usual Mistakes Inventors Commit With Their Inventions

With the technology we have as tools, it is not a surprise that more and more people become their own inventors. If one can come up with a brilliant idea, he can right away formulate it as there are just about endless tools to use not to mention the online resources like software and so on. This is why, in the world of inventors, there are now a lot of newbies who are contemplating of using their inventions for business. If you happen to be one of them, you should know though that the best way for an invention to make it big in the business world is for it to be patented.

With this in mind, one should know that there are complex patent laws and because of these laws, there are chances that your patent application might be delayed or denied. Thus it is always better to be with a patent attorney for they are quite well-versed when it comes to patent laws. Before that though, here are some of the most common mistakes investors made when it comes to their inventions:

Selling their invention – in the US, you only have 12 months grace period to file for a patent after making business with your invention. If you can’t file a patent within these months, then you have completely forfeited your chance of having your invention patented.

When the invention is used publicly – the rule is just the same as when you sold your invention. You are still given a year grace period after you publicly used your invention and failure to apply for a patent will forever forfeit your chance. If you also need to have foreign rights, then you should never use your invention publicly as in other countries, there is no grace period.

Not engaging in a professional patent search – a patent search is when one will first check if there is a patented invention that is almost similar to his invention in which he also plan to apply for a patent. The thing is, patent search is quite complicated as there are just about 9m patented inventions and this is still even adding up. Thus it needs to be done strategically. You have to be informed on how these are stored or how lawyers characterised things. It would almost be near to impossible not to find something that is somehow related to your invention.

When you do not do an online patent search – one thing you should know though, not all the time that a patented invention will end up in the market place. There are those that are already patented but are given up for some reasons. Thus it would be best if you also do online search as they might be visible there.

These are just some of the most common mistakes investors usually committed. If you are a newbie in this world, better be guided by a pro if you plan to apply for a patent.