Tips in Choosing a Furniture Removalist Company for an International Move

When you move internationally there are three ways to do so: by water, air or land. The latter can be used when the relocation is done within the same continent. This is simpler, because for furniture removalist Brisbane there are simpler documents, the border can passed easier and the time can be much shorter.

Furniture removalist company choose often ‘dedicated’ transport, which means that the staff and the truck used to load the items will be the same the one that will reach the destination. This makes clients feel more confident.

Shipping is done by using a container, the cargo is insured and properly placed, and in this case it requires a customs delegate to take care of all the documents required at the customs of the country of origin and the destination. Furniture removalist must deal with unloading at the new location with teams of collaborators from that country.

Air transportation is the most expensive, but also the fastest and the customs documentation is also made by a delegate.

Here are a few tricks to cut costs when choosing the furniture removalist:

  • Reduce the volume of items

Get rid of things you do not need, leave the books to your friends, sell the objects you no longer need, donate what you can’t sell. As the volume and weight is lower the same way, the costs are lower.

  • Move off-season

Choosing the best time to move will save you money. The busiest season at a relocation company the summer: June, July, August, but also September and late December. The best time to move is in the beginning of the year, January, and of course choose mid-month, not the end or beginning of the month, when everyone moves due to rental contracts endings. If you are not time dependent, talk to the movers and you can get discounts.

  • Hire a relocation company long before the actual moment of the relocation

The sooner you hire a relocation company, the best chances you have to negotiate a good price. If it is a last-minute decision and then rest assured the price will reflect that.

  • Ask about the relocation of large or special objects

Snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, pianos, and safes will cost extra to be relocated due to their weight, volume and additional documents necessary.

  • Make sure that everything is packed before the movers team arrives at the location. Usually, moving companies charge if everything is not yet packed.