The Roles of a Gas Fitter

If you are currently using any type of home appliance in your home that is powered up by gas, then you need to look for a licensed gas fitting company. For your own safety and protection and also for the safety of your neighbors, you must only get the services of a licensed gas fitter. It is an illegal practice to get an unlicensed fitter who offers cheap gas fitting services.

The licensed gas fitters Brisbane will ensure that all the gas pipe connections are in good conditions to eliminate the occurrence of fire. They will be able to maintain and to make sure that all is in good orders so you are safe in your home.

Who is a gas fitter?

The fitter is a licensed person who installs, who maintains, and who fixes all kinds of appliances that use gas for power. They can work in the fields of industrial, commercial, and residential areas. Though their line of works falls under the category of plumbing services, but the fitters have different kinds of education and qualifications in order to be qualified to work as a gas fitter. Thus, before you hire a fitter for gas, always look for the certifications. Our plumbing company only hires the best and the highly qualified gas fitter so you can be certain that the fitter will do safe job for you.

What does he do?

  • The fitter makes an accurate measurements and marks the areas where the gas equipment can be placed. These equipments cannot just be placed anywhere as it involves factors such as the amount of sunlight the area gets all throughout the day, among others.
  • The gas fitter also check the pipes that will be used in the installation of gas powered equipments. He makes sure that there are no signs of damages such as holes that could lead to gas leaks.
  • The gas fitter is the one who will install equipments that use gas, for example, the hot water system in your home that makes use of LPG for heating water.
  • The fitter will also educate home owners on how to use the equipments correctly so as to avoid any damage. If operated incorrectly, the danger is always there and this can lead to a massive destruction.

As they say, do not play with fire, instead call a licensed gas fitter for a safe and sound home environment.