The Different Diving Sites Of Sangat Island Dive Resort

There is no denying that a lot of people especially in the male specie really love to do some life threatening challenges. It seems that they just love the thrill these types of activities generate. Like for example when it comes to scuba diving, we all know that there are already a number of incidents where the scuba diver had a heart attack while doing his stunts. This is why, most of the time, then the diver is already in his prime, he will not be allowed to do this anymore. It is already too risky for him. But sad to say that there are those who just ignore their doctors’ warnings as they can’t just stop themselves from doing the activity they love most. You can’t really blame them as they diving is undeniably exciting and fun at the same time.

In the Philippines, there are a number of dive sites and most of them can be found in Palawan. Well, of course there are also some dive sites in other areas of this country though in Palawan, you will find a hidden paradise that is really a promising dive site. I am talking about Sangat Island Dive Resort. This resort has three or maybe four dive sites and each of them is explained below:


– Do you know what wreck site is? It means that the dive site is with a capsized boat that is already under the sea for years. There are some shipwrecks that are not just ordinary boats actually but they are historical ones like the Japanese gun boats and so on. It is said that while there are really natural shipwreck sites, there are also those that are engineered like they just do something so that the divers can explore something in their dive sites. This is one of their diving sites and they call this the wreck dives for the obvious reason.

– Then they also have the reef dives and this means that a diver can explore different kinds of reefs dive sites like for example the house reef, Sangat coral gardens, Lusong reef, Calumbuyan reef and dynamite point reef. To know more about the details of these mentioned reef dives, you should check out their online link.

– Then they also have what they categorized as other dives. In here you will get to see different environments like the barracuda lake and the Cathedral cave. If you will check their link, you will be able to learn about the details of these and at the same time, the diving requirements. So, if you are interested and if you want to have a time of your life, you should check them out.

Diving is indeed fun. But it will be more fun if you also venture in other diving sites like the Sangat Island Dive Resort. You can even bring your family along because their accommodations are also superb at the same time.