Pest and Termite Control: Making Homes Safe Again

These critters can cause any person to jump of their beds and leave the house running for the town, they have gained their arms race in evolution by becoming more prone to human attacks and have shown resistance to anything thrown at them to eliminate them. These pests and termites are a growing problem in Australia with thousands of people hiring exterminators specifically working in the field of pest and termite control Brisbane to get rid of them every year and in severe cases every day. The invasion is highly unsanitary and can lead to different medical problems in humans as well as animals such as cats and dogs around the house. Many exterminators have conquered this war with these infestations by using even severe extremes which involves burning of complete termite infected mattresses.

The reason for the termites mainly to grow according to many Pest and termite control agencies is that they have colonies and this consist of a queen which all the little termite soldiers feed and pamper, Many Australian have reported to find more than just 10 termites in their homes but instead a whole range of them. Pests vary in different varieties which can either be in agricultural fields and lands causing damage to the crops, or they can be home causing disturbance to the owners and inhabitants.

Different agencies in Australia have different means to control these problems, for ages the solvent based chemical methods were used to destroy the colony of termites by making a wall of chemical around the soil and thus killing all the soldier termites when they came in contact, there is a slight set back in using this type as it leaves a very powerful odor around the house and can leave chemical fumes when it’s dried off which can be dangerous to pets in the house. The Pest and termite control agencies in Australia finally made innovation to the problems by using water based solutions, these solutions are less harmful, have no disturbing smell and can kill the termites immediately.

Australia is a very massive agricultural land with people growing cash crops all around the year; pests such as different types of bugs have been reported according to many surveys to eat these crops before harvesting these crops. Farmers have joined hands with Pest and termite control agencies to use different chemicals which can either be sprayed or mixed in the soil, these sprays don’t affect the crops at all and immediately kill the pests and different insects that come in contact with the crop thus saving much money on damages which were previously done to the farmers and home owners of Australia.