Interesting Facts About Carpet Cleaner and Cleaning

Carpets are high maintenance and require regular cleaning which is time consuming to say the least. The task is not impossible for you to complete on your own but the hiring of a possible carpet cleaning specialist is sometimes an easier option.

There is some interesting and possible useful tip you should know about carpet cleaning which could help to make your life a whole lot easier when the time comes to tackle that task. These are things that you should consider when selecting a carpet cleaner and things that you may need to ask before hiring.

Your carpet cleaner should first do a deep vacuum of your carpets before continuing with a wet wash. Dirt and dust in the carpet can turn to mud when water is applied so it is best to get rid of any excess first.

Your carpet cleaner should be able to remove any stains with a normal cleaning process. Any stubborn stains that contain dyes or the like will need any stain removal treatments and in some cases, stains are there to stay. Every care must be taken when you have carpet flooring.


An acidic carpet conditioning rinse should be used by your carpet cleaner during the cleaning process. Most carpet shampoos and cleaners are alkaline in nature and need that acidity to balance the cleaning products.

Remember that not all carpet cleaners are the same and the service offered is not necessarily the same. The level of cleaning and type of process is totally dependent on the technician and his knowledge and skill as well as the equipment and chemicals used by the technician.

The cleaning process used by your carpet cleaner will in no way remove any stain protection placed on the carpet by the manufacturer. It is primarily wear and tear the reduces the existence of stain protection from the carpets. If need be your carpet cleaner can provide you with additional stain protection on areas where traffic is heavy in your home.

Your carpet cleaner is legally bound to offer you a warranty on his workmanship. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with the service provided, call up your carpet cleaner and they are required to return and re-clean the carpet free of charge. If they refuse or fail to do so, you can lay a complaint with the Office of Fair Trade in your State.

These little tips should prove handy in helping you select a carpet cleaner Adelaide that will be able to clean your carpets to satisfaction and have your home looking and smelling amazing once more.