How Industrial Deafness Claim Compensation Is Given

When workers continuously work in a noisy environment there are different occupational health hazards that they may suffer from. Industrial deafness is the most common health problem that a worker may have after working in a noisy environment for prolonged period. Deafness in such people can be of different types and they are entitled for industrial deafness claims for the physical, mental and financial losses they are facing.

Types of hearing loss

When a person is exposed to loud noise ranging from 75 decibel to 80 decibel, he/she may have temporary hearing loss. The victim may experience some loss of hearing during the first few hours and the situation does no worsen even if the person remains working in the same noisy environment. When the person comes out of the noisy place, the person may experience dull or muffled noises and the person has to increase the sound of radio or TV. With time, these symptoms go off. When a person continuously gets exposed to an environment that has high level of noise, permanent hearing loss may happen. Once this happens, it cannot be reversed. Victims of both permanent and temporary hearing loss are entitled to industrial deafness claims.

What will be the compensation?

If the industrial deafness claim of a victim gets accepted he/she will get lump sum money as compensation. He victim will not get the reimbursements for the medical expenses incurred or any weekly compensation. If hearing loss is caused due to prolonged exposure to working condition, the victim is entitled to get compensation for industrial deafness claims as per the Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013. Under this act, compensation of $1,800 is given for 1% industrial deafness and digital hearing aids are replaces every five years. As natural diminution of hearing happens, the victim will not get lump sum compensation for the first 5% hearing loss.

Hire legal professionals

When a victim of industrial deafness is willing to pursue a legal case, he/she must hire a qualified and reputed legal professional who would handle the case on the behalf of the victims. As victims do not have much knowledge about legal proceedings and may not know the types of documents to be submitted in order to have the case in his/her favor, it is better to have people who know all these very well. For getting the industrial deafness claims quickly, victims get proper guidance from their legal professionals. These professionals are in the industry for long and have already handled many such cases. Right from the first day, these professionals guide their victims in the right way so that the claim case remains in victims’ favor.