Explaining The Construction Of Shutters

Shutters are technically as simple as window coverings; these are made of hard materials such as wood and vinyl or plastic. These said coverings are often designed to have frames for the reason being that it has to be robust in construction given that its primary purpose is to provide privacy, and most especially to provide protection from intrusion (from weather or from other elements).

Shutters have frames that hold planks or bars (either vertical or horizontal), frequently mounted in doors and windows, said planks are overlapping to provide privacy and protection. Aside from it being an aesthetic accessory and shade control from daylight or from the sun.

Traditional Shutters are designed to have a divider rail that divides horizontal and vertical portions of it; such divider rail controls whether you want to open the lower portion only or the upper portion only. Said portions having louvers, same as what you see in a car’s air conditioning, louvers that allow full control over the horizontal bars that keeps them in uniform position; may it be to control light that pass thru them or to control air passage.

Designed for the purpose of providing protection, for most countries like those in Europe, these said Shutters are mounted in doors and windows in buildings, restaurants, hotels and houses, to help obstruct outside elements from entering the property. Made from hard wood such as mahogany, teak, and other hard wood, such that could withstand years and years of the most extreme weather conditions known to men, and extreme environments in most remote areas.



The roller shutters are made available to fit standard door and window measurements, nowadays, due to wood scarcity; they are substituted with other materials such as hard plastic or fiberglass (fiberglass due to its known characteristic of not warping because of stress brought by extreme heat and other extreme elements. And unlike those that are made of aluminum materials that are known to corrode caused by electrolysis which is common amongst all metal when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

As the production and manufacturing of items evolved due to the new machinery and new innovative ideas, apart from the materials used, allowing these said Shutters to be fixed or repaired if needed, certain parts are available in shelves, repair kits allowing you to fix them per part or portion, individual sections readily available for purchase, such as the frames, the divider rails, and the most common repaired parts, tilt rods and louvers.