End Of Lease Cleaners: What Would They Want To Tell You

If only end of lease cleaners can tell everything they would want to say, without a doubt, they said it, but due to professionalism and respect, they will just keep them within themselves. Well, as their clients, it would be nice if you know these things, to at least help them do their jobs better. Yes, you are paying their services, but still, it is somehow your responsibility to treat them right and give them the appreciation they deserve.

As end of lease cleaners, it is their duty to please their clients, this is something that each of them knows, but as clients, why not understand the unspoken words they want to share, it is not just for their benefit anyway, it is for you as well.

“Did you get your entire money back? Why not give me a tip”

Well, something that is not your responsibility or something you are not required to do, but something that your professional cleaners would love to receive. Why not? If you get more than what you expect, then giving even small extra is something that they would appreciate. If you have some spare to share, why not give them a small extra, right?

Yes, you paid for their service, that they know, thus doing their best to do their job right, but still giving them something extra cash on their pocket to bring home is something that can make them feel highly valued and appreciated.

“You should have at least maintained your home or business, if you want money back”

You might be expecting a lot from them, definitely, you paid for their service, but making your home or office not maintained at all will give them a hard time of putting the entire vicinity back to its old shape. If they can just tell you, “if you want all your deposit back, you should never let this happen”, even so they have complaints, end of lease cleaners Melbourne will work their best for you not to get disappointed.

“Do not rush, we want to give you satisfactory results”

Give them enough time to clean and bring the vicinity back to its good looks. Do not rush, do not give them impossible deadlines, they want best results, thus giving them time to do the work is something that they would surely appreciate. Expect good results for giving enough timelines.