Do Your Windows Need Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are a type of window coverings having framed horizontal and vertical rails. They differ from the traditional screen in width. Long back, in Australia, most of the homes had large glass windows. Shutters first introduced for those who wanted a view through their windows. Traditional shutters were of old style and used for small windows. They do not offer a proper view, and this is the reason plantations replaced them.

Plantations have wide louvers which are movable. They are using for both protection and as a decorative covering for your windows. Due to their versatility and affordability, they are one of the current favorite window treatments.

How to choose a plantation shutter for your home

Plantation shutters allow you to open and close the louvers according to your need. When kept close, it protects you from the outside heat and when opened it gives you the beautiful view outside. They are a popular choice for indoors, especially for the kitchen. When you are choosing for plantations, you need to make sure that you buy the correct size that fit your windows. Most of the manufacturers now offer customized shutter which can be cut down to required fit.

Nowadays, it is easy to get customized shutters for covering up unique shaped windows like round, arch or bay shapes. It can also be used for cupboards, for your closet, door and can also use as room dividers.



Wide varieties of functionalities:

Plantations are popular due to their wide ranges of functionality and beautiful looks. They also help in controlling the light entering your room, smoothens the natural airflow and protect your furniture by being a shield. These days, the plantation has completely taken over the position of traditional shutters and people rarely use them now.

In countries like Australia, the trend is towards having proper natural lighting in every room. Even if you want to sell off your house, its value increases if it has shutter fittings. Because of this, apart from stylish looks, plantations also provide thermal qualities, insulates home by increasing heat loss and saves a lot of power energy. The only downside of plantation shutters is that you cannot move it if you are shifting your house. They made in such a way to stay permanently at a place and made for individual spaces.

Plantation shutters from Central Coast are one of the most versatile piece of window shade, ideal for using for indoors, outdoors, and even for glass doors. You can use them for your balcony to cover up the area or for the sake of making it beautiful. By analyzing the needs of your house, you can decide on whether you need one for your windows or not.