Campervans: A Buyer’s Guide

Campervans are the perfect medium between camping and a self catering apartment in terms of accommodation for your well earned vacation. Whether it’s the freedom of movement it affords you or the increased level of comfort the motorhome offers when compared to staying under canvas, a campervan can really make exploring the countryside a luxurious experience.

There are many different companies offering campervans for hire these days and if you’re really serious there’s also the option to buy campervans for sale in Perth. With so many options on the market, how do you go about picking the right vehicle for you? Here’s some important things to consider when making your selection:


Possibly the most important factor to consider when making your selection is the vehicle’s reliability. If you’ve decided to rent, then the company you are dealing with will likely provide you with a good runner that will easily see you safely through your adventures, with recovery options should some unfortunate event leave you stranded. However, if you are buying your own campervan then you should definitely have a look under the hood at the condition of the motor before you part with any cash. If, like me, you are unsure of what to look for in terms of a reliable vehicle then, by all means, take a friend with the necessary understanding to help you make an informed decision. It would also be wise to take out recovery policy before setting off on any long road trips as adhoc repairs without cover will certainly be an unwelcome and likely expensive burden you have to contend with.


Linked with reliability is, of course, mileage. Mileage is usually a good indication of how long you will get to enjoy your motorhome before problems with the mechanics might start to creep in or components need replacing. Generally speaking, the less traveled a vehicle is, the more reliable it will be upon purchase.


If you are renting then it’s important to consider how many people are planning on staying and traveling the the campervan. If you are buying maybe it would be more appropriate to think about the average length of the trips you are going to be taking. Whatever the case, it’s quite obvious that driving an enormous gas-guzzling behemoth around for a weekend away with your significant other is going to be wasteful financially as well as on nonrenewable resources like petrol. Likewise, you don’t want to be left in a situation where there are five of you trying to sleep in a vehicle that was only intended for three.


Campervans often come with a variety of features making different models more appropriate for different trips. Maybe you require your motor-home to transport several people, or perhaps you are planning on taking your mountain bike away with you for your vacation, either way you will need to ensure the model you are renting or buying meets your requirements. Check out the facilities the van offers and if it’s right for you before you visit the showroom and beware of pushy salesmen who might want to sell you something that isn’t what you need to gain their commission bonuses.

Using the above as a guide when you go to look at campervans should aid in making the right decision for you and ultimately see you spending your hard earned cash on the motor-home of your dreams.