Buy Aboriginal Art: How to Check for Authenticity

When you buy Aboriginal art, you need to find out if it’s an original piece from the people themselves. Most of the art that’s on the market currently that claims to have originated from the aboriginal people is not. The shocking revelation of a recent research carried out reveal that 95% of the art purported to be aboriginal is actually fake. Labelling of the original aboriginal art has been used with the purpose of protecting its originality. This effort has also seen the emerging of a chemical type fingerprinting. Most of the art labelled ‘Authentic ‘out there is not.

How does one buy an original aboriginal art?

To buy aboriginal art that’s original, there are various processes to follow. The first one being that one need to buy the art during an exhibition by the artist. When an aboriginal artist exhibits their art, this basically means that what they have is their original work. An artist cannot exhibit fake work. Therefore, you will need to be on a look out for aboriginal art exhibition that’s near you and buy aboriginal art that you desire.

A chemical code has been provided to protect the aboriginal art

Chemical code protects Aboriginal paintings, this has been done secretly to protect the aboriginal art from forgeries and fake artists. The chemical finger prints are carefully mixed with the paint the artist makes use of and this assists expert when identifying the original work of an aboriginal artist. The fingerprint can never be removed; neither can it be seen by the normal eye. The good news is that an artist can also add it to the existing paintings. This chemical fingerprint was created by a forensic scientist. Therefore, to buy aboriginal art that’s original, one need to find out where the chemically finger printed art work is sold so as to make sure that they buy from the dealers who have the original aboriginal art.

Another method of safeguarding aboriginal art from theft is through making use of tags which are placed on each original work, and then they are fed into a catalogue that’s distributed into the whole Country. This makes sure that whenever one wants to buy aboriginal art that is original, then they check out the catalogue to ensure that what they are purchasing is actually authentic. If the tag happens to miss in the catalogue, then one should not be convinced, but realize that whatever they are interested in is not original at all. To purchase original aboriginal art, the above mentioned ways can come in handy to make sure that you get a value for your money.

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