Broome- The Tourist Attraction In Australia

A small town in Kimberly region of West Australia, Broome is a coastal area surrounded by the beautiful Indian Ocean. An exotic town where you can soak up the beauty of the sunset, Broome is the perfect paradise for a quiet, peaceful relaxation time for you and your family. Growing in population as well as in tourist attraction, you may ask, what are the top things to do in Broome? From watching the scintillating sunset on the beach to camel rides with your entire family, Broome is nothing short of adventures, which will give you enough memories to last a lifetime.

Top things to do in Broome

The visually appealing and multicultural town of Broome is a unique place with such a rich history. You could just sit all day on the sandy beach and look at the majestic sparkling water of the ocean.

  • Riding a camel on Cable Beach – A long stretch of 22 kilometers of white sand coupled with turquoise water and a beautiful sunset, the Cable Beach should be on the top of your top things to do in Broome. Add to that a camel ride at sunset, and you get your perfect getaway.
  • Shopping in Chinatown – The most prominent place for pearl lovers, Chinatown has some of the finest pearls that are not available anywhere else. It is an incredible place for women who love shopping. This place is buzzing with people, having a mix of Asian and Australian culture.
  • Gantheaume point – It is a beautiful place surrounded by the red cliffs and aquamarine water of the Indian Ocean. The Gantheaume point will really take you back in prehistoric time with the preserved footprints of dinosaurs, which are some of the fascinating experience.
  • Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park- Some of the largest crocodiles in Australia, you can find here. With five rare species of alligators and crocodiles, this park is a sure shot tourist destination.
  • Whale Watching – One of the most famous attractions of Broome is whale watching. How often will you ever get the opportunity to see a Humpback whale? You might be able to see Humpback whale if you can visit Broome. With guaranteed whale sightings from July to September, enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity with your entire family and friends.
  • Japanese Cemetery in Broome – The Japanese Cemetery in Broome is a historical importance location. The very existence of the town refers to the pearl divers buried in this cemetery. You can learn about Broome’s interesting pearl history from this impeccable and untarnished place. The vivid headstones in the cemetery speak a lot about these towns picturesque past.

These are some of the top things to do in Broome, for you to enjoy with your family and friends and have an enjoyable and relaxing time.