Are Palm Trees A Tropical Beauty Or A Tropical Pain

Palm trees are gorgeous trees that give a home that tropical appeal. Many people opt to plant palm trees around their pool areas which is really where you associate palm trees. Sun, fun and water. They are not there for the purpose of shade but rather for their aesthetic presence.

Palm trees are not without their own problems and there are times when they do need to be removed.

It is all good and well that people plant palm trees around their pool areas but they need to take into consideration that these gorgeous, tropical trees do produce tiny little seed like berries which will clog up the filtration system on any swimming pool and this could in effect cost hundreds of dollars to repair. This is a concern and often the reason for palm tree removal to take place.

Palm trees are prone to fungus and rotting due to the fact that their leaves are succulent and filled with water and regular trimming of old leaves in necessary. If left too long, the rot could spread to the entire tree and then having palm tree removal Sunshine Coast will be a necessity.

Palm tree removal is not unlike the removal of any other tree. A professional should always be employed to undertake such tasks. Palm trees can grow to enormous heights and they need to be taken down with the greatest of care. Their roots are deep and penetrating and may possible have infiltrated your swimming pool foundations. A tree removal specialist will know exactly what to do to prevent any damage to your property through falling branches or the tree itself.

Root growth for palm trees can be very invasive and every care needs to be taken not to damage any foundations or even your pool. The specialist may opt to cut down the tree piece by piece and then remove the stump and poison the roots as opposed to a full palm tree removal.

Whatever he opts for will be done with knowledge and understanding of the plants themselves. Always hire a specialist who has the experience and references to prove it. Your specialist should always have insurance which will cover any damage that may occur during his removal process or any injuries that may occur while in the process. Never hire someone who you have never heard of or researched.

Next time you think of planting a tree, do your homework and be sure that this is the tree for you, that will serve the purpose you intent and will definitely not become another headache.