Accommodation at Olympic Park Sydney


The Park was originally built approximately 2 decades ago purposely for the Sydney Olympic games in the year 2000. Initially, it was used just as a fanciful sporting and entertaining spot, recently it has extended to a level whereby nine years later it was to be formally voted its own area.

Your way to Olympic Park Sydney

Once you are in Sydney CBD drive for half an hour beside the main entryways of Sydney West. You can opt for a train since there are two railways leading to the Olympic Track of T7 after Lacombe Station which takes 45 minutes maximum. Other options are Ferryboats and cars.

Events at Sydney Park.

As much as you can think, the Park has inexhaustible sporting activities you can experience, together with a thrilling range of natural walks and traditional historic creative scenes.

Just to begin with, if your household loves to have fun it water then you have it all at the Marine Centre. Splashes’ Aquatic Play area will leave the children wanting more with enormous buckets full of water and bathe unsuspicious kids underneath, together with shared pools of water. The kids can also exhaust themselves by going in circles in the Speedy moving stream ride or by sliding in the superb water slides. This is all for the kids as adults unwind in the sauna leisurely.

The Park is enclosed by over 35 kilometers of marshlands and tracks to accommodate both strollers and cyclists. To know more about the 7 diverse species of frogs in the park, pass by the way side of Frog pond. This captivating track passes to the pond subways. If carrying a bicycle is a problem you can still get one by hiring from a variety found in the park. The next thing is to perhaps choose your safari trail and view the village of the previous participants, the shining Lake Belvedere, and much more!

This is just the beginning of the fun, the Park has many abundant activities. Locate your performer of the inner circus by giving the Hovering Trapeze classes a try, familiarize yourself with the art together with olden times in the Gunroom otherwise find yourself in the stadium to see your favored sporting.

Accommodation at the park

You can take few minutes to stroll from the park and find yourself at the ibis Park. You can then choose a room of your taste from the hundreds of well ventilated housings, after which you can make use of the hotel’s expedient location to stroll to your sport of choice be it tennis, golf among others.

If the five-minute walk is long, choose the two-minute walk or else opt for the extravagant Pullman found within the park, or choose one of the hundreds attractive accommodations each with a separate spa, proper ventilation and your own preference of a comfy bed.

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